Let's build some cool stuff with WordPress.

We started out as developers, then we built an advanced WordPress hosting platform, and now we decided to offer our WordPress development services to the public - again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work on large projects?

We typically work on larger projects, but if we have time, we do work on > $300 projects.

What about purchasing blocks of development time?

Absolutely!  These blocks are deeply discounted and good for twelve months.

Do you offer retainers?

Yes!  We typically do 5-hr per month retainers for WordPress development changes.  The hours do not roll over from month-to-month.

Is there a deposit required for projects?

For regular WordPress development projects, yes and the deposit is 50% of the quoted price.

Do you offer refunds?

We're reasonable people.  If you feel that something hasn't been done to your satisfaction, we'll fix it or come to a reasonable middle ground.

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